Product Number:TT-SWED-620E

Knitted Fabric Cutting Machine

Knitted Fabric Cutting Machine

Knitted Fabric Cutting Machine

Product Features

It is suitable for knitting mills, designed for the need to cut, inspect and roll the cylindrical fabric, and the single fabric can be inspected and rolled;

High-speed cloth cutter;

The cloth cutting frame is made of stainless steel;

EPC edge tracker, U-shaped photoelectric sensor probe;

Host frequency conversion speed regulation;

It can be equipped with a mechanical stopwatch or an electronic stopwatch;

Box structure, beautiful appearance;

The cloth rolling speed is fast, 10-80m/min;

The opposite sides are neat, easy to operate and stable.

Main models

  • Technical Parameters
  • Main Models

Applicable fields

  • Medical
  • Shoe Material
    Shoe Material
  • Textile
  • National Defense
    National Defense
  • Floor
  • Automotive Interior
    Automotive Interior
  • Apparel
  • Composite Material
    Composite Material
  • Bamboo Carbon Fiber
    Bamboo Carbon Fiber