Analysis on Tension Control Problem of Flat Plate Laminating Machine

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Analysis on Tension Control Problem of Flat Plate Laminating Machine

Any compound machine product may have problems of one kind or another in use. In the installation and commissioning and production operation of the gravure printing machine, the level of mechanical installation and commissioning will be parallel, the quality of the printing material, the quality and installation level of the printing roller, the performance of the ink, the pressure of the embossing roller, the quality and angle of the scraper, the tension control etc.

In the paper feeding part, the single-paper gravure printing machine is a stack-type single-paper continuous feeding, and the roll-paper gravure printing machine uses the roll paper to continuously feed the paper. In the printing section, there are three types of plate cylinders and impression cylinders: vertical, horizontal and inclined, with the plate cylinders arranged below. Generally, each unit has one plate cylinder and one impression cylinder. In order to increase the printing pressure, there are cylinders to increase the printing pressure.

The tension control system of the gluing part of the flatbed laminating machine is faulty. Double check the magnetic powder brake of the tension control system. After the test run of the empty machine, it is found whether there is any problem. Solution: Put the reel roller on the reel gear and turn off the power for a manual spin test. It should feel loose and there should be little resistance. When the magnetic powder controller is turned on to adjust the tension, it feels that there should be a certain resistance torque, but it can be rotated, indicating that the brake is normal, and vice versa.

The compound machine is mainly composed of a feeding introduction platform, a steel plate forming automatic shearing device, a hydraulic system, an imported computer control system, and a high-precision automatic length measurement system. The machine is installed and placed on a good and stable basis, which can prevent the machine from vibrating during operation, thereby ensuring the accuracy and performance of the machine, prolonging its service life, and ensuring the good operating efficiency and output of the machine.

The color steel equipment of the flat-panel composite machine has a reasonable structure and is easy to operate. It is a hydraulic press for sizing and pressing vacuum screw extruder presses in the wet production of glazed tiles. It can be installed and used alone, but it requires manual loading and unloading, or it can be equipped with automatic loading rack, unloading manipulator and extruder, tile cutter billet feeder and tile conveyor line to form a tile billet production line, which requires no manual labor at all. operate.

Composite machine manual molding and grouting: glazed tile hooks, drip tiles, animals, nail caps, flower windows, positive kisses, hanging animals and other components are manually molded or grouted. Manual molding is to pat the green mud into mud cakes, press out the green body with a pattern in the plaster mold, and after a little drying, the green body is affixed, and the working surface is trimmed and polished.