Product Number:NHJ-1000

Pneumatic Double Rollers & Pressures Fusing Press Machine

Pneumatic Double Rollers & Pressures    Fusing Press Machine

Pneumatic Double Rollers & Pressures Fusing Press Machine

Product Features

The specially designed dual pressure shaft system makes the distribution of rubber particles more uniform and the bonding effect is better.

The heating plate area is divided into 4 heating units, and each heating unit implements independent temperature control. The effective heating temperature of the interlining has been set more delicately. In order to make the belt fit the fabric better, the heating plate adopts an arc-shaped distribution method.

The inner tightening method is adopted to avoid the occurrence of the residual fabric (lining) sticking to the tightening shaft. The belt will be damaged due to the cloth attached to the tensioning shaft.

A new type of deviation correction device is adopted to adjust the position of the belt under the condition that the movement of the deviation correction device is reduced compared with the previous one. Does not increase the excess tension on the belt, reducing the load on the belt.

The use of seamless belts increases the service life of the belts.

Equipped with a cooling fan unit for rapid cooling of the bonded fabric.

The belt adopts the inner and outer double cleaning device, which can automatically clean the inner and outer sides of the belt, so that the service life of the belt is improved.

Main models

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3P 380V

Max. Temperature:


Max. Pressure:


Fusing Speed:


Fusing Width:


Heating Length:


Press Roller:


Press Mode:


Applicable fields

  • Medical
  • Shoe Material
    Shoe Material
  • Textile
  • National Defense
    National Defense
  • Floor
  • Automotive Interior
    Automotive Interior
  • Apparel
  • Composite Material
    Composite Material
  • Bamboo Carbon Fiber
    Bamboo Carbon Fiber