Multi-function machine adjustment and operating instructions

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(1) Cleaning the whole machine: the surface of the machine is free of water stains, oil stains, dust and sundries, and the large drum, rewinding wheel, guide wheel, rubber basin, rubber roller, paddle wheel and blade should be wiped and cleaned.

(2) Check:

1. Turn on the air switch, turn on the power supply, and check whether the power supply and voltage are normal (there is no phase loss in the power supply, and the voltage fluctuation is less than 10% is normal).

2. Turn on the air pump switch, connect the air source, adjust the air pressure to the specified air pressure, and check whether there is any air leakage in the air circuit and joints of the whole machine.

3. Check whether the screws, bearings, sprockets, and pulleys of various parts are loose, displaced, and fall off, and whether the tightness of the belts and chains is appropriate.

4. Set the required temperature value of the large drum on the temperature control meter on the control box (the set temperature limit is 200°C), and turn on the "heating switch" (at this time, the "heating indication" lights up red, and the pointer of the ammeter should indicate at 80 amps or so).

5. Press the "Run" button, turn the "Rotation Speed Adjustment" knob to the appropriate position after the buzzer alarm sound is released (the length of the alarm sound is controlled by the time relay in the large electric box, which can be arbitrarily set within 0-6 seconds) setting), can be set arbitrarily within 0-6 seconds), to see whether the machine is running normally: whether the motor, stepless gearbox, worm gear reducer, chain and other transmission parts, heating rollers, and each bearing rotate smoothly and without abnormality, Check whether the action of photoelectric switch, travel switch, solenoid valve and air cylinder is consistent with the adjustment of mesh belt, whether the mesh belt is running sideways, and adjust the tension on both sides of mesh belt.

6. Grind the knives in an empty car, adjust the synchronizing of the glue roller and the heating roller, and adjust the position of the pressing rollers everywhere.