Tang Yin — High-tech Enterprise

Alibaba's 19-year Integrity Pass Member

Our company is mainly committed to the production and research and development of multifunctional flat-plate laminating machines for various materials such as shoe materials, automotive interiors, photovoltaic materials, filter materials, carbon fiber, glass fiber, sound insulation cotton, honeycomb panels, graphene, prepreg, fiber felt, bulletproof materials, etc. Having 25 years of craftsmanship, we own a 28000m² standard workshop, 2000m² R&D center, 600m² fatigue lab,and a 1200m² business office.

  • 1999 / Year

    Founded in

  • 25 / Year

    More than 25 years of craftsman precipitation

Company Culture

Stick to the original intention

Determined to build a national brand in the field of composite machines

With environmental protection as the original intention!

Build ingenuity and wisdom!

Make the business of machines replacing people to the extreme!

Do your best to promote green intelligent manufacturing and industry progress!

Company Culture
  • 一种智能复合裁剪一体机
  • 一种高强度TPU多层复合面料生产设备
  • 一种设有双向纠偏装置的复合机
  • 一种隔热板
  • 一种节能环保的小型拉幅定型机


The brand of the product
is the symbol of quality

  • Must arrive within 24 hours

    After-sales service will arrive within 24 hours

  • Product quality assurance

    Substandard products will never go off the assembly line and never leave the factory

  • One year warranty

    Except for consumables, the whole machine is fully guaranteed for one year

  • Using high-quality electrical components

    All electrical components are completely made of high-quality well-known brands

  • Free replacement within one year

    The motors of all products are guaranteed to be replaced free of charge within one year